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About The Show

About The Show

Hi, We are CeeCee and Emmy D.  You might be wondering how our podcast came to be.  If not, you can skip this part, but thank you for visiting us!  We have known each other for many years and had become admirers of each other's work in the field of sexuality.  We often spoke of hosting workshops together until one day, I, CeeCee said to Emmy D, "podcast!!".  And thus, What's Your Pleasure? was born.  We knew from the start we wanted to normalize conversations around sex and pleasure, to create a safe and entertaining place for our listeners to find things they relate to, and maybe even new avenues to manifesting greater pleasure into their lives.  What's Your Pleasure? is where our listeners can be a fly on the wall to intimate chats about sexual experiences and informative conversations with a variety of sexuality experts from around the globe. 




CeeCee and Emmy D have many differences, like their age and the things they like in the bedroom but they do share one big thing, they love talking about pleasure. CeeCee is a 50-something sex, love, and relationship coach helping females explore their sexuality while Emmy D is a psychotherapist in her early 30s specializing in sex and relationships. 

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